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District-wide collection of student learning data

Case Study: New Hartford Public Schools
The New Hartford Public Schools District designed rubrics for evaluating student reading and writing skills to be assessed at the beginning and end of the term. Their teachers are using ForAllRubrics on iPads to score the students in their class. The integration of ForAllRubrics with PowerSchool synchronizes the student assessments to PowerSchool for analysis by District and School Administrators.


Case Study: New York City Department of Education
ForAllRubrics integrates with New York City Department of Education's Student Information System, to automate the setup of teacher accounts and classroom rosters. Real-time synchronization ensures that as teacher and student information changes in the NYCDOE Student Information System, the changes also show up immediately on ForAllRubrics.


Case Study: Community STEM Badging Ecosystem
The Community STEM Badging Ecosystem Project uses ForAllRubrics to share research-based digital STEM badges among a consortium of informal learning programs including the Chicago Botanic Garden, the California Academy of Sciences, the American Museum of Natural History and the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Each organization is able to specify sharing of both the community badges and their own badges. Instructors use mobile devices to issue badges to learners and capture authentic evidence of learning. Learners can use mobile devices for self and peer assessment and also to capture work samples in order to pledge for badges.

Privacy, Security and Confidentiality of Student Information

We at ForAllRubrics sincerely appreciate the privilege of being entrusted with students' learning data. Maintaining the privacy, security and confidentiality of student data is our highest priority. We believe in the Student Data Principles developed by the national coalition lead by the Data Quality Campaign. We meet federal FERPA regulations and use secure coding practices to ensure the safety and security of our infrastructure. In addition, we comply with the information security requirements for the New York City Department of Education and the California Education Code section 49073.


Case Study: Chicago Botanic Garden
The Chicago Botanic Garden uses ForAllRubrics in a program that helps students explore potential science careers. Students use ForAllRubrics to record reflections and submit assignments. Instructors in the program issue badges with evidence that the students can share with potential employers and teachers in their home schools.


Support teachers and principals as they grow in their career. The great tools that teachers use to evaluate students in the classroom are also available for administrators to leverage. Administrators can use our offline iPad support to evaluate teachers in the classroom. Badges can also be used to support professional development.

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